Apex Health + Social Care and B.R.I.C open day set for Thursday 10th Oct

join Apex HSC and B.R.I.C for a special health and well-being open day on Thursday October 10th, 10am – 4pm

Apex Health + Social Care in association with B.R.I.C (Biddulph Resource and Information Centre) are pleased to announce they will be hosting an open day to promote health and well being , and care services in the area.

The open day will take place on Thursday 10th October, 10am until 4pm at B.R.I.C, 85 St Johns Road Biddulph, ST8 6LL. (View map)

Managing Director of Apex Health + Social Care Darren Scholes says of the event:

“The upcoming open day at B.R.I.C provides a fantastic opportunity for people who currently may not have access to information on health care services to come along and find out what is available in the local community.

“Apex will also be offering local residents exciting opportunities to start a rewarding career in the health and social care industry.

“Hopefully the event will be the first step to a healthier, happier and wealthier Biddulph.”

 Apex Health + Social Care is the North’s leading independent provider of health and social care services. The B.R.I.C open day comes as part of series of events supporting the local community including the recent attendance of Steven Arnold at Biddulph Family Fun Day.

For more information, check the Apex HSC Facebook page for up-to-date news: www.facebook.com/ApexHSC

Respite Care at home with Apex HSC

Respite care used to mean that care users had to move from their home to a care home or facility to receive the care and support they require. Respite care at home gives your loved ones the independence and comfort of remaining in their own homes while providing the essential care they need.

Apex Health + Social Care offers a unique Respite Care at Home package which focuses on providing quality care and social support for care users like domiciliary care while enabling you to be relieved of some of the heavy responsibilities home caring can bring.

Respite care will also enable you to care for a loved one or family member without the potential disruption and anxiety of moving house and changing primary carers which can often be a very difficult transition for everybody involved.

Respite Care at Home can offer a full range of care services, including:

  • Bed routine
  • Assistance in manouvering around the house, such as getting in and out of bed, up and down stairs, using the bathroom etc
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Meal times
  • Assistance with preparing nutrtional meals and carrying out weekly shops
  • Continence
  • Medication
  • Household tasks such as vacuuming, washing up and laundry

Respite Care at Home can be offered as a long or short-term solution, providing you with an alternative to full-time care. This can be especially welcome should you need a short break from providing the full-time care your loved one requires. Full time care 24 hours a day can be provided for up to two weeks, or can simply be for a few hours each day to ensure daily  needs are being met.

For more information about our Respite Care services, please call 0845 600 3041 and we will be happy to discuss your needs and send you any relevant literature.

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Dignity in Care


Dignity in care is an important and much debated issue that embraces the concepts of individuality, respect, compassion and sensitivity.

Dignity enables people to feel confident and happy. When treated with respect and compassion, clients and patients feel valued and in control of their situation, which is fantastic for morale and encourages them to make their own decisions and take some ownership over their care and well-being (even if this is simply holding a hairbrush or choosing what to eat). It is empowering for clients to be treated in this manner and to feel they are having an impact on their own care.

Compassion in care works hand in hand with dignity in care, and is concerned with showing empathy and understanding towards clients and portraying a genuine desire to alleviate stress, suffering and discomfort. This not only requires dedication and kindness but the knowledge and skills to provide appropriate care.

Providing the correct supportive care has a dramatic impact on the quality of life and even recovery times of clients and patients. The humiliation of being bedridden after a full and active life can be lifted by being made to feel in control once more.
Care is not just about basic standards of living, it is about understanding each individual’s needs and being able to apply skills and knowledge in order to better suit their emotional requirements too.
For more information on becoming a health and social care professional, contact Apex HSC on 0845 600 3041 or email [email protected]

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Compassionate homecare

Homecare bridges the gap between healthcare and client/patient wellbeing.

Working in health and social care requires patience, stamina and compassion. Compassion in care is a hot topic at the moment, and with good reason. People who have a health care assistant often need extra support to enable them to continue living independently; care and compassion is a huge part of this.

Homecare jobs involve a lot of this “compassionate care“. But what exactly is it? We all know that being polite, well-equipped and attentive are the key skills of any good carer, but what else can make homecare into something even more supportive to people’s needs?

Compassion in care is knowing that turning up on time makes a world of difference to a client. It is understanding that as a carer you are often the most constant and reliable aspect of your client’s life. Compassion isn’t just about simply fulfilling your role as a carer – as any homecare professional will tell you, caring is 24/7. Remembering birthdays, taking an interest in your clients’ lives and interests and actively beginning stimulating conversations all seem like small changes but they can make such a difference to a person’s level of care.

Being compassionately invested in a patient or client has practical benefits too, as knowing traits and interests can pinpoint healthcare issues or any worsening or underlying problems such as deteriorating health, dementia, depression or anxiety.

Support services set up to encourage staff to become compassionately involved with their clients lives see better results in audits and reviews, but perhaps more importantly patients and clients feel they receive a better standard and quality of care.For a homecare professional, that’s what truly matters.

If you would like to start a career in a career that’s not only rewarding but as flexible as you need it to be, contact Apex Health + Social Care today at [email protected] or call 0845 600 3041

IMPORTANT: All Apex HSC homecare staff are currently required to have a full UK driver’s license and own their own mode of transport in order to make home stops.