Apex Health + Social Care and B.R.I.C open day set for Thursday 10th Oct

join Apex HSC and B.R.I.C for a special health and well-being open day on Thursday October 10th, 10am – 4pm

Apex Health + Social Care in association with B.R.I.C (Biddulph Resource and Information Centre) are pleased to announce they will be hosting an open day to promote health and well being , and care services in the area.

The open day will take place on Thursday 10th October, 10am until 4pm at B.R.I.C, 85 St Johns Road Biddulph, ST8 6LL. (View map)

Managing Director of Apex Health + Social Care Darren Scholes says of the event:

“The upcoming open day at B.R.I.C provides a fantastic opportunity for people who currently may not have access to information on health care services to come along and find out what is available in the local community.

“Apex will also be offering local residents exciting opportunities to start a rewarding career in the health and social care industry.

“Hopefully the event will be the first step to a healthier, happier and wealthier Biddulph.”

 Apex Health + Social Care is the North’s leading independent provider of health and social care services. The B.R.I.C open day comes as part of series of events supporting the local community including the recent attendance of Steven Arnold at Biddulph Family Fun Day.

For more information, check the Apex HSC Facebook page for up-to-date news: www.facebook.com/ApexHSC

The importance of nutrition in care

With so many important tasks in hand when providing homecare, the importance of correct nutrition can be unappreciated  It is understandable that for many home care professionals, the act of encouraging a patient to eat is in itself a job well done, but the implications of diet must be taken into account. Obesity in the UK is a rising problem and for many it can lead to serious health complications.

Caring for a client’s nutrition is one of the simplest ways to make a change for the better in their everyday routine. Healthier, more nutritious foods aid digestion and ease the symptoms of many forms of discomfort as well as providing more energy and having other, lasting beneficial effects.

Healthier patients are more able to fight off infections and recover from procedures. Many of the health complaints raised by care users can be avoided in their early stages with the correct use of a healthier diet and exercise plan. For some, even a small change in diet can have a large effect on not only their physical wellbeing but their morale too.

Apex Health + Social Care are committed to providing the highest quality care for clients and their families. We provide detailed care packages for care users, including nutritional requirements and compassion in care agreements.

For more information on how Apex HSC could help you or a loved one, contact 0845 600 3041 to request an information pack.

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Dignity in Care


Dignity in care is an important and much debated issue that embraces the concepts of individuality, respect, compassion and sensitivity.

Dignity enables people to feel confident and happy. When treated with respect and compassion, clients and patients feel valued and in control of their situation, which is fantastic for morale and encourages them to make their own decisions and take some ownership over their care and well-being (even if this is simply holding a hairbrush or choosing what to eat). It is empowering for clients to be treated in this manner and to feel they are having an impact on their own care.

Compassion in care works hand in hand with dignity in care, and is concerned with showing empathy and understanding towards clients and portraying a genuine desire to alleviate stress, suffering and discomfort. This not only requires dedication and kindness but the knowledge and skills to provide appropriate care.

Providing the correct supportive care has a dramatic impact on the quality of life and even recovery times of clients and patients. The humiliation of being bedridden after a full and active life can be lifted by being made to feel in control once more.
Care is not just about basic standards of living, it is about understanding each individual’s needs and being able to apply skills and knowledge in order to better suit their emotional requirements too.
For more information on becoming a health and social care professional, contact Apex HSC on 0845 600 3041 or email [email protected]

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