Our Companionship Service is designed for people who do not need personal care but sometimes struggle with daily activities and find their quality of life poorer as a result. It is often social activities and experiences that do so much to enhance your quality of life, be it a trip to the shops or a cup of tea and a chat. Whether it be through age or illness you may find you struggle to keep up these activities, our Companionship Service can give you the support you need to enjoy these simple but life-enhancing experiences. For family members who are unable to visit regularly, the service provides peace of mind knowing your loved one is being cared for.

Based around your individual requirements we offer a range of services including:

  • Company
  • Your Carer will spend time with you, sitting and chatting, watching television, going for short walks or whatever you feel like that day.

  • Daily Routine
  • Your Carer can support you with reminders to do things such as when to take your medication, attend Doctors appointments and other things that help you to remain independent.

  • Social Activities
  • Your Carer will support you to engage in social activities such as meeting with a friend or attending a local club.

  • Household Activities
  • Your Carer can assist you with light housekeeping tasks, such as dusting, vacuuming, washing, ironing and changing bed linen. They can support with meal preparation and food shopping where required.

  • Day Trips Out
  • Your Carer can accompany you on day trips, in addition to helping you with short day-to-day outings.

Community Based

We understand the importance of a familiar face and so each individual care package is managed by one of our local community based Senior Carers. To further ensure continuity, all visits are carried out by a regular team of our highly trained care staff. Meet our senior carers.

Committed to Quality

Every step we take in delivering our care services are governed by stringent quality controls. Our own Quality Assurance Policy and external governance by the Care Quality Commission ensures that a professional, courteous and quality service is provided at all times. At our most recent Head Office inspection in 2012 we were deemed to meet all common standards. The full report can be viewed on the Care Commission’s own website. Visit CQC Website.

What You Can Expect From Us

As a valued service user you can be assured that:

  • We will undertake a comprehensive assessment of your needs and complete a full care plan
  • We will undertake regular evaluations of the service provided
  • We will work closely with you, your friends and family at all times
  • Your care and support will be provided by fully trained and suitably experienced staff
  • Visits will be made by regular staff who assigned to deliver your individual care
  • Your personal opinions and preferences will be respected

You can also be assured that your individually assigned carers will always:

  • Protect your dignity and privacy
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding your care needs and personal affairs
  • Respect your home and belongings
  • Address you by the name you prefer

A Transparent Charging Structure

Our working partnerships with Primary Care Trusts and Local Authorities have resulted in a charging structure that is transparent and offers value for money. Every client has an individually costed service and you can expect a full quotation, inclusive of all staffing related costs, before the commencement of any care package.

If you are eligible for funding for your care, including Direct Payments or Personal Budgets, we work closely with the Local Authority in order to provide the services required within the rate set. If you find you need to pay any ‘top up’ fees for additional support services these will be clearly outlined from the outset. More information on funding for care can be found here.


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