How to Write a Good Nursing Essay – the Expert's Opinion

It's obvious for a medical student to get a mentor, who provides the necessary information and support. Whenever you're aiming to start a career and are going to create your first nursing CV or you've just entered a college, be ready for a lot of paperwork to be done.

As well, as taking care of the patients, try to prepare yourself for a nursing assignment, help from the mentor is what you need in this case. The very first and simple tip – don't hesitate to ask and repeat. Professional nurses are not allowed to make mistakes, but being a student has this significant privilege.

Before going deep into the structure, relax. Make sure you have all the necessary information. If you've already written a draft, check the standards that are applied. Many nursing essays are returned because of poor proofreading, so don't repeat that mistake.

Making Student Nurse Essays Objective

Nurse Essays

Let's start with a set of simple tips which follow the basic nursing essay examples:

  • Focus on a patient – who is it, why he or she was driven to a hospital asking for help; what could be done; what did you miss during the pre-examination; understand what you're dealing with, this information is unique and couldn't be found as a ready template;
  • Briefly describe the event – like in a movie, take lead to what happened and where it took place; a nursing essay is mostly about reflection. Answer the questions: "How did I evaluate the situation?", "How did I meet the patient for the first time?", "What did I notice?", etc;
  • Be honest – if you felt ashamed, tell about it; if you felt proud, and take a few sentences to explain. Maybe you've underestimated yourself this time. However, you'll be more attentive in the future. Bring people your own story, that's what they need in the first turn.

You may use some nursing assignment examples to get some confidence and write more professionally. They are accessible and really helpful to make you sound better.

Nursing Essay - Introduction Makes Sense

Let's talk more about the beginning. Like it or not, you have to engage others to read the nursing case study essay till the end. No formal style or fiction, don't reach the limits. Use plain language to make people comfortable.

Reflective or not, the essay has a framework to be put in. If there's no special comment to your task, just suit it to the situation. You may try to write something WHILE you are doing that when a patient still gets care; or AFTER everything is done, and you just fix the clinical case to review procedures.

There are various types of models to start nursing essay writing: Driscolls', John's, Rolfe's, and others. Healthcare professionals agree John's model is ideally adapted for a medical field since any other type is found to be more general and less specific.

Choose a model - summarize the steps you've taken and made sure you stick to the framework. That's how it's done.

What's the second essential part of the essay on a nursing career? Understanding competence. Any practice you got, any good or less good experience counts. Then a mentor needs to support a friendly but professional approach while communicating with the students to help them feel easily in a new environment.

You have to walk through the nursing essay topics very carefully. They may be mind-blowing (such as telehealth medicine or caring for dying patients) or more standard like discussing the traditional role a nurse has in modern society. Remember to bring a practical side and choose a patient, which helped you to learn and understand something. The nursing essay brings proof of your practice and newly gained skills.

Looking for Nursing Essay Writing Service

Nursing Essays

Yes, they exist and become even more popular. It's not that you can't write or you have less expertise. Even the brightest students sometimes can't organize the words into a decent story.

Before asking for a nursing essay help, take a look at the company's website. Always check the reviews from previous customers to make sure the service is reliable. You may also ask for examples, already made before, so you can see firsthand how the final essay is going to look like.

Still, what are the reasons to apply for nursing essay writing service, UK companies may offer?

  • The experts know how to highlight your best sides and keep the laconic style of the essay;
  • You'll meet the requirements for academic writing, dealing with nursing assignment writers, qualified through a big range of grades and subjects;
  • You'll save more time to do what is important for your career.

Remember, you're not supposed to be an incredible writer. Invest the money wisely, and let the professionals do their job. Besides, will you let some student essays low your grades?

So, the main things to focus on the nursing profession are:

  • - Patient as a personality (but don't use a name or any personal detail, your task is identifying a disease, not a patient);
  • - Context – where were you (local community, regional hospital, etc.);
  • - Case – what happened, what experience did you get;
  • - Feelings reflection – come in the main body as well; explore your emotional reaction, don't keep silence;
  • - Summary – just a few lines to finish a paper properly; find some nursing essay samples to pick up the right tone.

There are following examples of essay you must know about:

#1 Descriptive – any nursing mentorship essay starts with a story; your object to tell about here is the patient and disease. Moreover, you're supposed to describe the process which happened to help readers understand the situation;

#2 Narrative – in this type you tell only about actions in chronological order; in a reflective essay nursing student has to become a storyteller without focusing on separate objects;

#3 Definition – you may use elements of description or narrative here, but the main purpose is – digging deeper into one aspect of a clinical case or a disease. Provide a critical analysis; essay examples in the nursing specialty have to include your unique point and ability to take responsibility for decision-making;

#4 Classification – gives you more details; the purpose here is to arrange the object according to some principle;

#5 Compare and contrast – discuss the similarities and differences; creating a nursing reflective essay example for the first time you may be asked to list diseases a patient may be suffering from and separate them according to the symptoms. Comparison is the key point of differential diagnosis doctors do;

#6 Illustration – find as more examples as you can to create vivid pictures in readers' heads;

#7 Persuasive – same as the previous one, but you have to use real facts, arranging them in logic order. The reasoning is a part of your own critical reflection essay example; nursing students are supposed to keep a lot of arguments in their mind to make a professional piece of paper;

#8 Cause and effect – you need to predict the consequences of the decisions. Explain why you performed this procedure or chose this medication first.

Let's also understand the key points nursing reflective essay is so special about. It has to make a clear vision of your feelings just as a mirror.

Mentoring and 6 C's to Remember

Nursing Essays

The paper must follow the so-called "6 c's of a nursing essay":

#1 Care – no words are needed. It's the most important core part of the whole process nurses do during a shift. They deal with patients most of the time, devote themselves to make someone feeling better. It has to be one of the professional values in a nursing essay you'll write, so don't underestimate the part about caring;

#2 Compassion – well, people may think it's a weakness, but you can't be a robot committing injections. The hospital environment doesn't bring a lot of joy, so you at least can bring some empathy. Devote more space for showing compassion in nursing essay, and you won't regret;

#3 Competence – one of the parts in a reflective nursing essay you may forget about. As medicine is too changeable and individual occupation, you should treat every other person as a different case, requiring constant attention and a various approach;

#4 Communication – in practice, you'll listen a lot more than talk. But sometimes the most helpful information is missed by a doctor, leading to serious consequences. Be active! Show how you're applying active listening and how can you get the most information you need about a patient's status. The importance of communication in a nursing essay is supposed to be shown from the very beginning;

#5 Courage – speaking about personal strength. Despite any complex situations stay conscious and confident to carry out the operations. Leadership in nursing essay, as a revelation of courage, is precious;

#6 Commitment – another core aspect, which you should be ready for preparing a nursing placement reflective essay. Stand up for patients during crucial periods. Make a proper strategy and ensure the patient you'll do everything you can.

Speaking about mentorship in nursing essays, it's highly effective when you get this kind of support. A mentor has to be a great professional, but also a reliable friend.

What you need to get from a mentor is clinical decision making. In a nursing essay, it's of the utmost importance to talk about. This particular person is responsible for your studying. Don't hesitate to ask many times when you're struggling with some new information.

So, the whole process is up to you. Don't be in a rush, and take a few days to think about the structure of your essay. Try different frameworks to choose the most suitable one. Focus on good things that happened and those aspects you have to work on. Don't be ashamed to tell about your own mistakes and about the feelings you experienced.

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